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Friends and Family, come join us for our annual event Queens Salsa Congress , the event includes LIVE shows & competition as well as workshops for adults & children to make this day full of fun and excitement . Don’t miss out on Saturday and Sunday ,September 28th and 29th 2019 , in La Guardia Plaza Hotel . It is going to be an amazing experience where hundreds of people in the tri-state will come together to create an unbelievable event.


Public passes will be sold per day


$25 Youth


$35 Adult


$25 Competition


$25 Social


For all those people who want to be in the workshops and do not belong to a dance group of which they are going to participate in the Queens Salsa Congress the pass will have the following value:


Workshops from 10am to 2pm = $ 40 per day

Full Passs

$100 all include

Youth performances

pass $25 per day

Adults performances

pass $35 per day


pass only $50 per day

Competition Pass

pass $25

Social dance

pass $25 per day



10 Full pass

Queens Salsa Congress 2019 va a dar a cada academia de baile 10 full pass de bailarines gratis, más 2 pases para los directores los cuales van a dar paso a todas las actividades del congreso, los demás bailarines deben de comprar el pase sin excepción alguna.

Acceso a talleres

El pase va a proveer acceso a los talleres y las presentaciones de acuerdo al pase adquirido. Pase para show de niños un día $25 por los dos dias $40 este pasé da acceso a: • Talleres • exhibicion de niños • Social • EXIBICION DE ADULTOS NO INCLUIDO

Pase show de adultos

Pase de show de adultos un día $30 por los dos dias $50 Este pase da acceso a: • Talleres • Exhibición de adultos • Social • EXHIBICIÓN DE NIÑOS NO INCLUIDO



Queens Salsa Congress 2019 will have the pleasure of working together with the organizers of the competition


salsa world held in Bogota called PUNTA’L PIE and we will serve as qualifiers for those dancers,


they love to show their talent in international competition in different categories.
Winners of the first place will have a direct step to the final in the category in which they obtained the first place.

Registración $30

Solo $40

  • Solista Infantil Femenino
  • Solista Infantil Masculino
  • Solista Junior Femenino
  • Solista Junior Masculino
  • Solista Pro Femenino
  • Solista Pro Masculino

Parejas y duos $50

  • Duo infantil femenino
  • Duo Junior femenino
  • Pareja Infantil
  • Pareja Junior

National and international performances

Young and adults performances

Hosted by LUIS LOPEZ director of Connecticut salsa festival

September 28 & 29 – 2019


Laguardia plaza hotel
104-04 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY 11369

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